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The Kraylor captain asks for the Flyers help as they are on a humanitarian mission, while the Annari continue their attack even after Kim contacts them.

Arrived at an M class planet's coordinates, the Enterprise finds it gone, inexplicably, while Worf fears disappearances and unexplained entries aboard constitute a major security risk.

To promote the new show, ad agency Mistress choreographed a public scene in Los Angeles featuring dancers stripping down to create a sort of naked flash mob.

What's so wonderful about the video is that it incorporates all body types, ages, and sexualities. But, it's also clear that the network wanted to show the realities of dating.

S., so Taylor’s presumably in a tiny club of people who actually went to see the movie. Did she think Vin Diesel should try out more dramatic roles?

Did she like Garrett Hedlund’s compelling turn as Billy’s commanding officer?

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