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Regan was born on Oct 02, 1957; he is an American stand-up comedian.

Of all of them, Brian was born and brought up in Florida. A football coach at his college encouraged him to take up on theater and communication.

I have never — EVER — met another stand-up that doesn’t do a low whistle of awe and respect (and envy) whenever his name comes up.” Regan said he hadn’t released a stand-up special in five years, so even he was interested to see what mix of old and new material from his relentless touring schedule of theaters would make the cut for this hour.

Which was 57 minutes with a three-minute “halftime” commercial break.

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Brian Regan is a comedian known for his sarcastic and self-deprecating humor. He has seven siblings including brothers and sisters. His aspiration in life was to become an accountant when he attended Heidelberg College at Ohio.

Comedy's chosen one, Daniel Tosh, has been healing the sick, stopping wars, helping underprivileged children...

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Brian Regan’s live stand-up performance Saturday night was a big hit to the 6,000 audience members inside Radio City Music Hall, and seemed to work out well, too, for the folks at Comedy Central, who’d never produced a live stand-up special before.

There were a lot of reports about him and his partner post the separation.

This fueled the rumors that Regan got married again.

His comedy, big enough for everyone, sharp enough for you, keeps audiences coming back time and again to see what’s new in the comedy world of Brian Regan.

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